Displaying certain items in a list

Hi, All:

I have an inventory app where once a product stock level gets to a certain number (Different for all products) I want to display it on a list to reorder.

How I currently have collection set up is it is a products collection and there is a number value for the current stock level and a number value for the minimum stock level.

On the list, what I saw in my mind was a list of products where the products stock level was less than or equal to the minimum stock level.

Apparently you cannot compare two different sections of the same entry.

Any thoughts on how this could be accomplished?

Hi @Bobby ,

This looks like a challenge in PSABH initiative.

Do you have an example what you have now and what it should be ?

Articulating to more precision requirement can ease readers.

hi @Bobby,

you are right, you can’t use a comparison between a single product’s properties as a list filter. But there is a simple workaround; make a custom list of all product. group each row’s content and add a visibility rule on the group to show only when this product’s current stock level <= this product’s min stock level.

I tested it and it worked.


We have a winner!

Great job, I would have never thought to use a visibility clause inside of a list, thanks!

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