Show products with unfulfilled items only

Hey all- I’m trying to set up what to me seems like a pretty simple use case for an order fulfillment app:

I have Orders, Order Items and Products. Every Order has at least one Order Item and every Order Item has one Product.

What I’m trying to display is a list of Products that have unfulfilled Order Items, and their respective counts, but I can’t seem to get the logic set up. The “Fulfilled” true/false field for Order Items is not available in the filter.

“Products whose unfulfilled Order Item count is > 0” doesn’t seem to be possible. I’m sure I’m missing something here since this is a very basic use case.

Thanks for any help!

Hi @max.h,

You are trying to display the products that the order items count is 0 or the products that the order items is false in Fulfilled true/false property?

Thank you

Hey @dilon_perera thanks for the reply. I’m trying to display a list of products that have any unfulfilled order items. So if there are zero unfulfilled order items the product should not be displayed in the list.

Thanks for any help!

Max, so if the product’s all order items Fulfilled true/false property is true then show that product?

Not quite. The property is at the Order Item level. So each order item is True/False, and if any of the Order Items for a given Product are True, I want to show the Product in the list.

If all of the Order Items for a given product are False, I want to not show that Product.

Does that make sense?

Hmm… I guess I got it! Will share a example by tomorrow!

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Hey @dilon_perera any luck on this? I’m still stumped myself. Wondering if this is somehow an unsupported use case…

Oops… I’m sorry Max. Forgot this one. Will send a video by today!

Max correct?

Yes, thank you! I didn’t realize that if a list item’s component was not visible that it would hide the row. I thought it would just be a blank space. Really appreciate it!

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