Do i need to pay every time i want to send updates to my app?

Hello, First of all, amazing product. Been using it for two months now and have created an MVP.
I am thinking of releasing my app on iOS and Android but have one tiny query that I cannot find the answer to. So please help anyone.

Imagine I buy a professional plan and publish my apps to the App and Play Store. If I want to send some updates to those published apps, do I need to buy a professional plan again and then publish again? Do I need to pay every time I want to send updates to my app?

I am confused because Adalo mentioned in their professional plan that I can only publish two apps. One would be for Android and other ios. If I exhaust those two I won’t be able to send any updates, so that would mean I need to buy the plan again and again every time I want to update?

Looking forward to someone’s reply.

Thank you.

1 published app covers iOS, Android and Web. So long as you maintain your pro plan then your app will remain published and you can make updates whenever you need, included in the pricing.

Hey, thank you for the answer. That helps.

I do have one last question. You mentioned 1 published app covering iOS, Android, and the web. That means I just need a “starter subscription” and no need for a “professional”? I just have one app that I need on both platforms, so “starter subscription” works, correct?

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Yes well spotted.

you are awesome. :dizzy:

Thak you

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