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If I make changes in my database once my app is already published to the ios app store will they still show up?


After upgrading to the pro account do i have to pay another fee on top of the 40$ to publish to the app store or is it just the 40$ then i will be able to publish to ios store?

There’s no fee to pay to publish other than your monthly subscription.

Database changes are live if you’re using magic text, if you hard typed something on a screen then you’d have to submit an update to the App Stores for it to show live.

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As jca mentioned. The pro membership of Adalo allows you to publish as many apps on Android and iOS as you want for just the single monthly subscription fee.

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Upon attempting to publish my app I clicked on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles Certificates to create/get my bundle ID and was presented with the following message:

Access Unavailable

This resource is only for developers enrolled in a developer program or members of an organization’s team in a developer program.

I’ve paid the 50.00 to upgrade and publish and would like to proceed. Assistance is needed, please help.

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Where did you click to receive that message? That message relates to the component marketplace for developers. It should not have anything to do with creating a build.

Did you follow the steps here for creating a build?

I selected the start new test flight build option under the IOS app section

I am following the steps in the link you provided above. It’s asking me for a bundle ID and a app specific password. I don’t have either of those. I am also seeing links that take me to enroll in apple developer program where it’s charging me $99. Not sure if Im approaching the publishing app process the correct way. Is there a walk through or something i can refer to for this?

If you’re publishing to the Apple App Store, yes you will need to pay $99 for a developer license. There’s no bypassing that and it’s outside of Adalo’s control.

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will that give me the bundle id and app specific password that adalo is asking for when trying to run test flight build?

Yes it will. You should know that Google Play has something similar albeit for $25 (if i recall)


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