Do we get the source code for apps built with adalo

  1. If someone wanted the source code to the apps built with Adalo, would they be able to get it if its possible?
  2. Will we own all the applications that are built with Adalo?

Hi @hermes, we do provide the apk for Android builds and for iOS the build is saved to your test flight account. And yes, you do own your applications built on Adalo.


now i saved the fiolder, my question is: can I open that folder with vscode or android studio ? if it’s possible please tell me how

You might want low-code for that, no code means black box.

i can’t understand well, please explain more

You can’t, the generated code will be inside the box that cannot be open by the builder, that is how monetization work.

If you build no code app builder, how do you monetize then ?

but is there any other no code we can getting its source code.
and also i had an adalo project i saved it in my pc, I opened the folder, I found lot of files
it contains lot js(java script) files and css files. when i open each folder with bloc-notes i see a big programs

Not that I know of.

It is their secret sauce.

But for low code, might be a little different, their business model is more to lazy programmers than builders.

look now i opened a file i saw i database code if you have a facebook account we can talk about it there

Well, that is great if it is, but it should not be normal, you may find an anomaly here.

You can private message me, as I already forget my facebook account. :grinning:

Some of startups such Mattermost and Supabase or even this Discourse (this is an established company) make business model for doing open source but getting paid by hosting their own products. I don’t think that will be the case for Adalo, but who knows in the future.

do you know what i really want?

I am not wizard. :grinning:

but guessing, probably you want to host it on your own choosing and free the chain. :grinning:

I want to find the source code of my adalo app