Re-Build Our Mobile App with Adalo from Source Code

We have a 10-15 page LIVE mobile app in the app stores available for download. We also have the original source code for mobile iOS and Android We want to re-build the app using Adalo’s codeless mobile app building platform - [

please tell me is that possible if yes please suggest tutorial or guide.

thanks you

Hi & welcome to the Adalo community!

This isn’t possible and also wouldn’t be advisable.

While Adalo runs on React Native, even if your source code was React Native, it wouldn’t be compatible and would lose the majority of the Adalo functionality (that’s where the value of using Adalo is!).

If you share the app link, I could provide some estimates how long that would take to rebuild in Adalo. For most apps it can be super fast (depending on your Adalo knowledge).


Sir unfortunately app are offline now but I am sending you source code of both android and iOS.

Thanks sir

Please help me sir

You’ll have to recreate the apps. You cannot use the source code in Adalo.

sir please tell me how to build it i have source code of android and ios both api calls same i have to build it on adalo please guide me and tell me how to send you source code file to you .

Sir i have a android and iOS app I want to replicate in adalo please tell me.

Sir please help me.


I recommend you check out Find Freelance Adalo Designers, Developers, & Agencies for support building your app.

We’re listed on there under Flywheel Studio, but I’m not sure what your budget/price point is.


sir i have a android and ios app made coding but i want to rebuild my app in adalo

api calls are same please help and guide me sir

Thank you.

Sir I want re build my app in adalo and want all features replicate on it.

Please guide me I have much time to learn adalo.


Sir want to know one thing I have a Android and iOS app build by coding I want to replicate it in adalo

There is know problem to build in adalo from scratch

Please guide me
I have much time to learn adalo.


Hi, I honestly can’t help you with this. I don’t understand what the issue is.

You cannot take the source code and use it to rebuild an app.

If your app is in the app store, you can contact an Adalo Expert to get their opinion on replicating it in Adalo. They can tell you what’s possible and what isn’t.

Hi @dpkpandey138

The Adalo forum is not the right place to receive support like this. If you want this rebuilt, you need to learn how to use Adalo yourself or hire an Expert to build this for you.

You can find a list of Adalo experts here - Find Freelance Adalo Designers, Developers, & Agencies

Note, they cannot rebuild this from your source code. They’ll need screenshots or access to a live app which they can replicate in Adalo.

Please do not keep posting this in the forum as you won’t receive that kind of help here.


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