Do you know how to make a discount function for the buyer and vice versa to raise the price?

hello club✌️ I have a question how to make a user in the application be able to send another user a special price (changed from the base price), for example, how it will be: the author of the ad sells something on the site, the user communicates with the author in a chat and understand what is possible make a different price specifically for this user so that others do not see. How this e-mail can be realized, I can see what you can do + -% of the initial price and send it. tell me how to do it? maybe have experience? or understanding?

Hello, if you have a chat feature in your app, the users can communicate between each others and agree on a special price. But if you didn’t create a chat feature yet, you can create a collection called (Notifications) and create a (text field) property, relationship between (Users) and (notifications) that is called “sender” (it should be one sender for every notification", also create the same thing for the receiver (Same relationship and it should be only one receiver for every notification).
Now, create a button in the Ad’s screen, that is called per example : “Ask for a discount”. Then add an action to this button what is : (Create a notification record) and select the sender and the receiver and the text field which is asking for the discount. NOW if you want you can also add a trigger notification action (If you want).

Finally create a notificatio screen which contains a list of notifications and specially (Logged in user => notifications (receiver) ). And create an input in the list which every user can reply to the current notification by creating a new one. And now you have some communication between the users without creating a chat option.

this is the coolest thing I’ve heard lately, very detailed, thank you, I will do it and I hope I succeed. asking for a discount is one thing, how can I make the author of the ad send this special price for each user himself? not just a text, but an announcement with a new price for the purchase, I hope for your answer

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Thank you, as i mentioned before the author of the ad can reply to the “Asking for a discount” notification by replying to that notification in the input component list in the notifications screen. So he can mention the special price in that reply.

do you have any idea how it’s done? photo or video?

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I’ll take some photos and videos about how it’s done and I’ll send then to you as soon as possible.

appreciate. thank you

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hello friend, i tried but i still have questions, will you have a photo or video of mathematical formulas for setting a special price? I decided to do everything within the framework of a chat with users

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