Want help regarding building a cashback appliction

I am building a digital marketing app with Adalo, so in my app, I want my users to share “offers” listed in the app to other app users. For ex. If user 1 shares an offer from the app to another user 2, then when user 2 redeems the offer which he had gotten from user 1, I should be able to see a link in database between the 2 users, so I can credit them? Any possible approach to this ? All ideas are very welcome

Maybe something like this:

  1. Create a Collection for Offers.
  2. Add a relationship property to the collection to Users: one user can have many offers. Call this “Shared By” or similar.
  3. Create another property the same type but call it “Received By.” This establishes the connection to the two users and the offer.
  4. Then add a property with type True/False (but you might have need of a date or date/time or even a text field if you design differently). This property should be called “Redeemed.”
  5. Design the screens and buttons you need to make this work with an action to assign users and an action to update the Redeemed field in the Offer record. From there, some other action or workflow is needed depending on what you have in mind with the app to “credit” the user.

Hope that helps. Sounds like a fun app.

Thanks for the reply! I am a new user to this. Can you please create a simple app with adalo for workflow for the suggestion you listed in your reply. So i can either see how you made it and I can clone it?

Check this out. I didn’t have time to show you how to add a button to mark it as redeemed but you’d need to use a custom list to add that and then add an action to the button to update the Offer.

Thanks a lot it helped! Sorry to bother you but whenever you have time could you please show how to mark it as redeemed? It would be great.

Also , in a part of the app. I have made a property called “User input” in my Users collection. I want user to type in email in an text input and then after clicking a button, the email input provided should be updated in the User input property. But the main problem comes in as, I dont want a single email input in the “User input” property.
For example, If I enter “test@testcom” in the text input and submit it by button. It then should get updated to the “User input” property. So at this point my “User Input” property in database should look like ""test@testcom
ALSO, if the same user (lets say after 5 mins) now enters a different email “test1@test1com”, THEN “User Input” property in database should now contain “test@testcom , test1@test1com”.
So at the second time, the “test1@test1com” shouldnt replace the value before but instead get added to the previous value like mentioned in example above. I am not getting how to do it, as I can only find options to “Update” which basically replaces the older value. Is this possible on adalo?

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