Does anybody know if you can update the 'location' attribute through the API?

It does not appear in the API documentation and i’m pretty sure the data structure behind it is pretty complex. I’m creating collection items in Make/Integromat and there I also want to fill in the location data that i pull from the google maps API. Does anybody know how I can do that?

Hey there,

Did you find the solution for this?


It has been a very long time since I’ve used Adalo, but if I remember correctly I did find a way, I think it was that I didn’t save the location attribute through the API but the address as a text attribute, and then use that address to visualise the pins on a map

So i just need to make the location attribute as text then pass it to the map component?

Yes I think that’s what I did, not 100% sure tho

Do you mean somthing like this:

and when you clikck on one of marker: