Search in Google Maps and list results

Hi folks,

I want to do something similar to what this person is asking here question.

I want to have a map which shows the location of the user → this I have already achieved. Then I want to use a search field, where I enter “restaurants” as a search key, OR it would also be possible to press some kind of button where if I click, it shows me the restaurants within a certain distance. I DO NOT want to use a static list of places. I want Google Maps to search for results and list them dynamically.

Once listed I would then click on them to do other actions, like show details, etc. I want it to work exactly like Google Maps app (see screenshot), and then add additional functionalities on top of that.

So far I am only able to find information about navigation, or about listing places contained in a preexisting uploaded list.

Thanks for your help!

You’ll want to use Google’s “Find Place” API as an external collection.

Here is the documentation from Google:

Hello again, thanks for your feedback!

I was playing around with the API a bit and I have to concerns:
1- how can I use the multiple results (i.e. an array) from an api, to inject them as multiple entries in the screen (i.e. the multiple results for restaurants and have them listed)
1-a) apparently this would be possible with collections, but I need to use a dynamic generated database (i.e. as the response coming from the api)

2- how can I user the user location as a parameter for the google places get request? for example, I want to find a certain type of restaurants, which are within a radius of x meters away from the user. I see that one can use variables for the api call, but is it possible to use dynamic variables like user location coordinates?

Thanks in advance!