Does anyone know of a way? open

Does anyone know of a way to open an APP from within another app? So you open the adalo App and then select another app from your phone that would open inside a window or an area within the adalo app itself? Is this even possible?
Jason D.

I was trying something similar the other day. Opening device settings from the app. I gave up for now. @njimmy10 will be able to say if a component is necessary.

Yeah, Im not sure it can even be done, but I thought I would ask and see if anyone knew of way. Hey here is a question for ya, can xano do mileage tracking? Sorta like a mileage tracker done all backend in xano, will it run behind the scenes and do a waypoint every 20 seconds or so or even less maybe (like10 second.)

Yes but the hang up will be getting an update every 20 seconds, that still needs to come from the front end. A component dev is your best bet if you want to build it in Adalo.

YEs, but wouldn’t a component run into the same problem: app actions counted by Adalo, correct? A custom component does not get around that issue does it? If you wanted to do it in a Adalo an easy way would be to use a countdown clock to simple set the DB to update user location every 20 seconds or whatever you set it to be. I feel like it is the app actions that limit you and create the issue.

Having background function is not possible in Adalo.

  1. it requires a lot of coded configuration
  2. As a component, to access the DB to fetch will be hard, even if it’s Xano, and the other thing if fetched, what to do with the data?

I am going to create some quick tests this morning to see what I can get it to do and see how it works, like you, I dont think it is going to work but I am going to try. I am wondering if this is something better done in flutter flow

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