Support for developing an app with Airtable back-end

Hi there!

I’m new here and exploring Adalo to build an app. In the last years I’ve been growing an Airtable database - for an organization I’ve been involved with - with people and projects (which interlink), and I’d love to make them accessible in an app. For this, I would like to get a sense of what’s possible with Adalo. Especially the amount of work necessary to link Airtable and for example use our people database to determine who can access the app - and use it to auto-fill their profile information in the app. I can explain more in a call.

Anyone interested to have an exploration with me? Depending on the outcome of the call and our decision for whether to continue with Adalo, there might be paid work involved. However, I can’t promise anything. I’m mainly asking for a favor at this point.

Send me a message on Telegram - @BartHoorweg - if you feel called to support. It’s much appreciated!

Hi @bernardo

It is not possible to directly use external users in Airtable for the purpose of logging into an Adalo app. You could achieve this via an integration with Xano. With some double handling of authentication and changes to the out the box auth / login.

Go back a year or more and Adalo had a beta for External Users, but this was canned and Xano was the only choice thereafter. Which is not entirely a bad thing, Xano is a great tool and I advocate it highly.

I could imagine an app that uses the Adalo / Xano integration. Xano takes the Adalo auth request then hit’s airtable for authentication and returns that auth to Adalo. After the user login is sorted you can then make use of Adalo External Collections to Airtable for all your other tables.

I am well versed in the Adalo / Xano sphere.
Book a call if you want to take it further :+1:

Hey Rozza, thanks for that extensive reply. That definitely helps. I’ll contemplate a bit with this new information, and possibly book a call to go deeper. Thanks for the offer!