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Hello, Iam trying to prevent my user to purchase a card again. Can I use multiply names in the filter for “IS EQUAL TO” … like “id1,id2,id3” ? Or does it accept only one entry “id1”? How to prevent / or list array all purchased cards and prevent a purchase again?

Not sure what you mean when you say ‘purchased a card again’. If you could give more context of the situation I might be able to help. Cheers

Ok. I have in app cards that can be purchased for a currency. Each card is different. I need a solution so the user can’t purchase the same card again and card. Please see video thats a example what I want to archive. User buy card x. card goes to db of user (that part worked) but how to give out error msg when user try to buy the same card again.

The video is set to private

Sorry. Video should work now.

The video looks like it is working, it stops you buying the card again so I am not sure what the issue is?

I created a number field in card db called „card id“ with value „1“ and check on button to trigger only when card / card id is 1 but that is a SUM check and wont work when i dd more cards with id2, id3y my question is can i use a text field in db and check in the filter „does it contain „id1,id2,id3.“ or can i only check for one query and if so how to filter if player has card already?

I have made a quick example of 2 possible solutions for what you need.

With my example you can show a modal if already purchased or you can hide from list if already purchased.

I also added the function to add a ‘purchased video’ collection so that it records all purchases so you can then create a list of purchases which shows the purchase date etc.


Nice app, I like the idea!

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