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So I am very new to Adalo, but love it so far. I just discovered it this morning and I have a some questions.

  1. Can you use your own domain name? Example can I rebuild my website with Adalo so when people come to they goto my new Adalo site that I am going to create.

  2. Is there any built system to allow you to sell ad space on your website and Apps?

Thanks is advance for any help.

Hey there @Fliicky Welcome to the community :sunglasses:

  1. Yes, you can use your own domain. All you have to do is point your domain to Adalo using the DNS CNAME record that Adalo provides. If you get stuck, reach out to your domain registrar to ensure that you’re setting up the CNAME record properly.

  2. This is quite a loaded question. You can absolutely build this functionality with Adalo. You can use the stripe component to accept payments and have a database collection of “ads” in which users can create ads so that you can display them. There are several things to consider when setting this kinda thing up so it may be a good idea to discuss your idea in more detail.

Does the you tube template have a membership system built into it?

Which template are you referring to?

I think it is called Learn Adalo Clone.

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