Am I publishing my PWA using Adalo Domain Correctly?

Hi Team,

I’ve just completed a first version of my App and I intend to publish as both an Android App and PWA.

For PWA, I don’t have my own domain and I’m fine using the Adalo domain name for now.

When I go to publish, I see the following:

When I go to “Add Domain”, I’ve decided to edit my Adalo Subdomain to be:

Is that all I have to do?

If so, what is the final link that I should be giving my users to access the PWA?

Right now, all I see is this:

is that the link i use? As it doesn’t look right to me… I was expecting to use something like

I found this article: Publishing issue for webapp under adalo domain

But based on my question, it isn’t clear what the answer is.

Appreciate the help… thanks!

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Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera

Thankyou for the quick response and happy to join the community and pumped to be get my first app out there :slight_smile:

I saw this link as well, but the detail is mainly for adding a custom domain name.
For where I don’t have my own website domain and just want to use adalo domain.

What would be the link to my PWA?

The start of the article says:
Every Adalo account comes with it’s own domain (ie But if you already own your own domain, you can use that as the URL for your Adalo app.”

So I’m fine to just use the Adalo domain and I set my adalo domain to be

but when I put that in a browser I get this

Any Ideas?

You are using a native version… To use the Adalo subdomain, you need to create a web app. (native version accepts your own domain or the preview that is available for you)


Yeah that’s right.

Hola !!!, disculpas yo tambien soy nuevo , pero no veo la solucion de jaypee y me interesa las dos formas con el dominio adalo y el personalizado, no lo he podido hacer y es lo mismo que busco de jaypee, puedes ayudarme ?

As far as I know setting up an Adalo domain ( does nothing.

Your PWA link is the previewer link. You’ll need your own domain to add a custom domain. I use Squarespace and it was very easy, just needed to spend the money on the domain name which isn’t much.

Wait, how did you get the option to publish it as a PWA and an Android app? It looks like from your screenshot you can do both from the same app? Is that right?

Thanks @rogergomes - I tried creating a new app and selected ‘Desktop Web App’ instead of ‘Mobile Native App’ and now I see what I was expecting.


Just a follow-up question then @rogergomes if you know the answer.
If I intend to publish as both a PWA and Android, does that mean I need to create two versions, one desktop and one mobile native and publish separately?

Thanks again for your response it had stumped me

@bmceuen - No idea… that’s the options I had when I started creating a ‘Mobile Native App’


That’s awesome, they should really take away the PWA option when you create an app since you can deploy either way when you launch

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