Download APP - no plan

I would like to know if I can download the application that I have created in Adalo without publishing it

Do I need to have a payment plan to do that?

Thank you!

Hi @Chrisgon!

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There isn’t a way to download the application. By download, are you meaning the code?

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Hello @jessehaywood

Thank you very much for your greetings

Sure, the code or directly the apk file

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Gotcha. You cannot do that on the free plan. You will have to be on a paid plan to download the apk file. You can’t download the ipa file, though.

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Excellent, thank you very much for the information

I’m already looking to change the plan

@jessehaywood I think they should pay you the commission

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Haha, I appreciate the sentiment, but my reward is helping the community. Glad I could help!


@jessehaywood where do i get the apk on the paid plan?

When you build the native build then you will get

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ahhh ok, i haven’t done that yet then. Thanks!

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The .apk file as far as I know is no more downloadable. But only the .aab file.
Can you confirm that @jessehaywood ?
Thank you.

This is true only for apps that have no builds prior to August 1st of this year. However, we can generate an .apk build for you if you need it.


Thank you for yopur answer @jessehaywood !
I need the .apk, but I need it every time I make big changes in order to test the app. So … thank you, but it is not realistic to ask from Adalo an .apk after every big change …
Would be great to have a tool to generate both of them: .apk and .aab …

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