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I have list of employers job applications. Job seekers can see the applications and filter the list from search bar.

I created icon next to search bar what opens a modal when you tap the icon. Modal is showing a drop down menu where is 4 items to filter applications (show full-time job, part-time job etc.)

When the employer creates job application he can choose from drop down if the job is full time or part time etc. So the database knows what job it is.

The problem is that when job seeker uses the drop down menu to filter jobs, it doesn’t work. I have tried many ways but it still shows all the job applications.

Search bar is working correctly tho. Any ideas how to get drop down work?

@pauladams just created a tutorial on creating a Dropdown Filter - Hopefully this can help you.

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EDIT: It works now.

// OLD Well I watched that tutorial but it still didn’t work out. I have now also watched 2 Adalo’s tutorials also. But every time I use drop down menu the list just stays same and it doesn’t even reload or anything.

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