Dropdown and a list

Hello, i have a very strange thing to do… but still cant figure is it possible to do in adalo… and if yes… how can it be done…

I have dropdown menu with Categories on screen and i have a list that have entries from database there and one of part of this list is Category for each entry.

I can filter this list by dropdown menu by choosing specific category easy… but.
I have lots of categories and not always all of them appears in list for today… you know like menu… i have all kind of food in category, but for today there is only like half from these categories exists in the list… the rest is absent.

Is it possible somehow to filter category list shown in dropdown menu only to those categories that is exists for this day in the list according to list filter? I want to see not 100 categories in dropdown but only those categories that are shown in the list below if dropdown is not selected and all of them are shown according to other filters?

quite crazy … but i wonder is it possible?

Hi @Vitiniel ,

Try adding “id” field in the menu collection based on what you want to filter, have couple more fields if need to, just to serve additional purpose.

If you are playing with date time, have numbers type in field so you can filter by number which can be converted from date time.

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