Dropdown fields on IOS

I am trying to figure out why the look up is not working on IOS builds.
I have a collection (Terms) table with a couple of records. On screen I have Drop Down field connected to said table (Terms).
The I open the app in Testflight I can select the records from Terms table.
When I have made my selection I hit the OK button and nothing happens. I continue hitting the OK button and at some point the selection is picked up.

Does anyone else experience the same? Is there a solution?

@JuhaniG ok, this is an issue even I have in my app. What you need to do here is to click in the selected item once you scroll to it before clicking “Ok” and it works.

@bhanu Thanks or response. I have tried to scroll and select the list option but I must say it does not really work. Sometimes it picks up the item and sometimes only after several tries. App users will not accept this. I’ll create a bug report.

@JuhaniG I do agree that this is not ideal behaviour, for sure it needs treatment to make the UX better.