Duplicated order item in Shopping Cart

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Can anyone help with my ecommerce app?

I have a collection of ShoppingCart; a new ShoppingCart item will be created when user click on “Add to cart”. When users go to ShoppingCart screen, they see duplicated items in ShoppingCart if they added the same product twice or more.

Don’t know how to avoid this issue. Please help!

Thanks a lot


@rayatsyd do you check if the cart item is already added each time the customer tries to add an item to the cart?

You can do this by conditional actions (i.e. Add the item to the cart “sometimes” only if the current item Count = 0)

Thanks Bhanu

Yes, an new cart item will be added each time customer clicks on “Add to cart”.

How can I do it with conditional actions? As far as I know, I can only do conditional actions when I Link to a screen.

when you’re adding the item to cart, you can choose Advanced >> Sometimes >> and check for current cart item count = 0


There isn’t current cart item count option.

Only have all items count.

Any thought?

Would this make sense?


you can use the (+ ADD CARTS FILTER) to add another layer of filter.

Item name = “name of the item” (magic text) you’re trying to add.

Should all those action against to “Add to cart” button?

Or in ShoppingCart screen?

I am assuming you have a 1: many relationship between Cart & Cart Items.

If this is the case, when you add an item to cart, the number of items count starts adding up. This filter needs to be at “Add to Cart” button checking if the count of items (=the name of the item you’re adding to the cart) = 0, then proceed.

this will avoid addition of duplicate items the cart.

But I don’t have current cart. It’s really weird.

Can you take a look at the app for me?

I really don’t know where the logic should be hold.

sure, how do you want to do this?

What’s your Email?

I can invite you.

sure, sent you a direct message

Hi Bhanu, sorry for the delay. I just sent you the invitation.

Alternatively, can we do a Teams or Google meeting?

Cheers, Ray

@rayatsyd sure, can you send me the google meeting on the same email?

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