Multi buy shopping cart


I’m trying to build a delivery app for a drinks store.
Some items are £1.99 each but 3 for £5.00 how can I get the shopping cart to reflect that ?
Do I have to add it as a product on its own or is there a way for it to detect there is an offer at checkout ?
Also is there a way to add an add quantity box instead of clicking add to cart multiple times

You can create an order items with a quantity property where which can updated with plus and minus buttons. The actions on these buttons can also change the order item’s price property. You can also use conditional actions to set the price to be the discounted amount of the quantity reaches a specific number.


Thanks Ben! :slight_smile:
Would this also work for mix and match buys.
i.e. 3 for £5:00, £1.99 each but can pick 3products that are all slightly different. By adding some sort of deal price and deal quantity column ?