Duplication of chat rooms

Is there a way to solve the duplication of chat rooms?
This is the default chat format.

Hello @jeongdo!
Yes, it is possible. You just have to check if a conversation exists between the logged in user and the other one, and make a special page (separated) for this conversation. I think the best way to figure that out is to check our template Chateo who have this feature: https://www.boglex.de/product-page/chateo-template

Hi @jeongdo ,

This is because the action is always create conversation, to prevent this is to have separate screen for creation and use the home screen to just update the conversation.

I have created an improved version of chat template, search for group chat, you will find many examples and more features added there.

Thank you. I’ll try it over the weekend!

Addition to the great replies by Yongki and Boglex Software!

You would need a condition like this in your list! ( you can watch this video made by Micheal from here ) : Ultimate guide on how to create a CHAT feature in Adalo (Text, Images, Chatrooms, like WhatsApp) - YouTube

Also another great two videos made by Victor and Nathan! : Adalo Hints: how to prevent from creating duplicate records in the collection - YouTube , Adalo Prevent Duplicate Records & allow user to update existing record instead. - YouTube

Thank you

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