During The Adalo PragmaFlow Server site has been shut down …

How do I install the contact list component and add it to my app?

This will require you to have some coding knowledge. There are few of the component which they have available here, improved and supported

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For non developers I would not install PragmaFlow components because they can be buggy (crash the app, have errors).

It’s better to have active developers maintain the component as @njimmy10 said :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi guys, thank you for your help.

I was trying to follow the steps but I couldn’t go to the Pragma Adalo Resources Center because the server has been shut down.

The thing is if the server will be recovered I will be able to do it all by myself, right?
Or, I still need to ask active developers?


Yeah but they would have to recover the server which I don’t see them doing anytime soon.

You can do it on your own but it’s hard for non developers to do. You can find all the code by going to github.com and searching up pragmaflowinc

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