Early Signup for Adastacks

Hi everyone! I’m super happy to finally launch the landing page for a project I’ve been working on and am very passionate about. It’s an external toolkit for Adalo that enables some unique features and best of all, can save you time, frustration, and money. It’s not out yet, but please consider sharing and signing up! Thanks, all! https://www.adastacks.com/


you should put a short video in the home-page explain what you do
i wish you the best


I signed up for the beta!

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That’s a great idea @migren I plan to do that soon! And thanks @James_App_Maker! I see you on the beta sign up!

looks very cool @pfordmedia . I signed up for the beta

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Thanks so much! Early access people will get access sometime in mid-late February.

We all can’t wait @pfordmedia!!

When you do give access to the beta testers could you send us a welcome email or something like that with a link to our account? I can’t wait!

Yes! I will be in contact with everyone who has signed up when it comes closer to release. Accounts won’t be auto created, so you’ll still need to sign up for the actual service, but I will send out an email campaign closer to time.

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