Adalo Updates for 2022?

Hey guys,

I would like to know, does anyone has any updates on what’s coming for Adalo in 2022? I haven’t seen any updates for a while now. I know about but It hasn’t been updated either. I’m just curious to know. It feels like they don’t share much to keep us excited for all the new stuff coming out (if there’s any).


From what I’ve gathered, AND OR filters are next. Waiting patiently and excitedly for it. After that, maybe better external collection support. That’s just from snooping, I don’t know their plans.


AND OR filters will indeed be amazing!

The page also has a roadmap. :wink:

It’s the same as, just that is their current domain for the Roadmap. is their old domain.

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Hey y’all!

We have some REALLY exciting things in the works for 2022.

First off, AND/OR logic is coming very soon!

Location features are being worked on as we speak!

Rebuilt Stripe components with SCA support are nearly finished.

We are improving our marketplace. Developers will be able to sell their components within Adalo!

And lastly, we are launching the Adalo App Academy! This is going to be your go to resource on educational content from ideation to helping you run a successful business.

One of my goals this year is to be more open about what we are working on and informing y’all about what’s coming.


Keep it up, guys! :clap:

BTW, you didn’t mention In-App Digital Purchases with Apple & Google* | Voters | Adalo

Any news or info on that development?

I know PragmaFlow has a component that provides a solution. But it would be good to have it as a natural element of Adalo.

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Awesome! :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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We’re currently in beta for auto-renewing subscriptions. If you would like to be added to the beta you can submit a support ticket asking to get in the beta.


I did. This is the response I got from Kyle:

We are not currently sending new invites for this one, so I have added you to the list and once we are accepting those I will get back to you!

Are you sending invites again?

Ahh. I think we had a bit of a miscommunication there. We are still accepting beta users. Fill out a new ticket so that we can find it quickly and we will get you added.

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Thanks. Ticket created.

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Any word on speed improvements for Asia?