Editor is acting crazy! Help!

I have been working on my app all day with no problems. Nothing has changed. Then all of a sudden about 20 minutes ago my editor started being crazy. I took a video of it to show what it is doing.

Has this happened to anyone before?

I have already sent in a ticket. I was just wondering if this is something anyone else has ever experienced.

Have you tried with other browsers? An incognito/private window? Clearing cache and cookies?

Also, there’s a much better tool for screen recordings called Loom :wink:

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I have the same issue. If I’m trying to edit a condition for a list or for the visibility of a component then Adalo will crash.

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Yes I have used other browsers and cleared my cache. It’s still doing the same thing.
I didnt initially intend to make the video for here lol and I am tired of messing with my OBS its acting up so I just took my phone out real quick lol Thanks I will look into Loom.

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If after all those testing you are still experiencing issues, then the next step is talking to Adalo.

Yes I did that first as I stated in my original post.

Though somehow it has fixed itself so its working now :slight_smile:


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