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We are looking to create an app that enables two parties to negotiate a price for a good via database forms. Once a price is agreed upon, we’d like to autogenerate a contract (or, PO) for both users to sign. This can be accomplished via tools like Formstack, but wondering how I can embed this (or just a link to the contract) into an Adalo app? Any ideas?

There are a number of custom PDF APIs where you could create a contract in pdf form, and then inject your contracted information into the pdf and generate this for each contracted deal.


Adding onto @ben1

There are Adalo help docs for generating PDF’s via Eledo & Integromat (you can add formstack to the integromat scenario). You can find that here.

Then after generating the PDF in Eledo via Integromat, you can add (or update) a record in your collection with the PDF URL.

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Thanks James - was thinking a Zapier or Integromat might do that trick. Will give that a whirl.

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