Generate PDF of content

Is there a way to generate a PDF of content. For example to create an invoice or quote in PDF form?

Hey! Right now in Adalo you can upload PDFs to your app (both internally from the database view as well as letting your users upload their own PDFs from inside your app).

Those PDFs can then be viewed in a webview inside your app.

Is that what you’re going for?

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how?? how can we do it??

You can use a File Picker component to upload PDF documents, and if you have access to that record, you can setup an action Link > Website to the PDF > URL.

This isn’t the solution I’m looking for. The original post was if there was a way to generate a PDF not simply have the ability to upload or download a PDF. For example if you created an accounting system and you wanted to export an invoice or purchase order as a PDF.

Okay, I’m sorry for misinterpreting your question. Adalo does not currently support generating PDFs and it isn’t currently on our roadmap, but you can submit a feature request here