Encrypting Payload


I am trying to make use of a Third Party API that only consumes an encrypted payload or requests from a specific static IP (range of IPs).

Has anyone implemented this before to guide me with some tips?

Alternatively, is there a way I can specify an IP range that the Third Party can then authorize to receive requests from?


Hi @IsaacO,

You can try to use Integromat to encrypt the payload.
It has quite a lot of capabilities - I even managed to implement Oauth1 there :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Victor

Thanks for this. Was thinking I’d be stuck without a solution. I’m hoping to implement Base64 and 3DES encryption. If successful I’ll do a post here to share with anyone else that may need it


Hi @IsaacO,

Base64 is there, along with SHA.
Not sure about 3DES though.


This is awesome. I was actually building an API to do exactly this😂 I guess I underestimated Integromat. Thanks Victor!

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