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Hi! I’ve researched a lot about Adalo and about possibilities of intregations of a platform that encrypts messages or/and stores them encrypted. Or at least… encrypts data in Adalo and decrypts it when is shown.

I need this for an app that has messaging included in its services.

From what I’ve researched Airtable does offer encryption at rest and in transit, but their pricing plans do not offer enough rows of data ( on $20/month - 50 000 rows of data ) for a growing social app that will store a lot of messages. If anyone used Airtable for a social app that uses chats, I would love to hear your experience.

If we are talking about using a tool to encrypt and decrypt, there is Encryptor that I can integrate through Integromat. What’s your experice with this ( does it slow the app?) and could anyone explain how the integration works in detail?

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There is component available on: adalo.pragmaflowservers.com that allows you to encrypt and a youtube tutorial


Thank you! I will check it out and come back if I have questions.


Yes, I’ve seen the video. I’ve checked out your website. I’m trying to login with my credentials (username and password). What is exactly the Adalo username? Is it the one that I’m having right now, abllacka? If yes, I’ve typed this and my password and it says that credentials don’t work.

Can I install them any other way? Do I do something wrong? Thank you!

You need to use the username and password for app.adalo.com, not for forum.adalo.com. Hope this helps.

When we connect to Adalo, we only use email and password. Where could I find the username?

it is the email and password. On the install components page where is says username, type in your email that you use

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username and email are the same…

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Yes… I wouldn’t have asked about the username if it worked with the email the first time. Now it’s working, I don’t know what I did different, but I’m glad it works now, thank you!