How to import Password so that our customer don't need to sign up on Adalo app


Sorry if it’s been already asked this question. I tried to find but unable to find it.

We have 6000+ users and plan to create an Adalo mobile app. We don’t want our customers to create another pass on the top of our main service… I would like to sync email/pass between Adalo database and our main service.

When I import via csv, or via Zapier, User password field is automatically encrypted again so it seems that raw password can be imported… This is security concern, so we can’t import password in reality…

Bycrypt is portable. As long as securely copied the encrypted pass, it should not have any issue.
Please let us know how to copy pass or sync the pass.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @shohey1226, I remember reading somewhere that Adalo doesn’t allow for third party user management at the moment. ie you’ll have to use their database solution for users and auth.

At 6,000+ users… I personally think Adalo might not be suitable for you at this point in time.

There is third party auth coming up soon (maybe in 1-2 months?) with social accounts such as Facebook and Google, though.

Still, I think for your app, you might need a much more robust backend and database.

I hope Adalo staff won’t hate me :joy: but I think they’ll agree that they might not be the right product for you at this time.

You’re saying the hashed password from your external database is re-encrypted when you import it to Adalo?

I will need to do this soon so would be good to know if I just need to force user password update instead of wasting time on this. Worst case scenario you just import all data except the password and force a password update.

This is what we’re doing currently. But our base is still small at about 50 odd users.

Even at a few hundred users, it’s going to be quite crazy, so I can’t imagine at 6,000+

Yes. Currently raw password needs to be uploaded, which is a huge security concern. No one wants to have user’s pass as raw format… I’m using Rails so for example,

  • Download Adalo’s user as csv. There is encrypted pass field. copy this pass and use the email. Rails allows user to login with it.
  • Download user’s encrypted pass from Rails and upload with CSV to Adalo User table. Re-encrypted. Adalo doesn’t allow the user to login because the pass is different…

If it’s generic DB and index’ed, 6K users should not have the issue. Do you see some heaviness when login?

@shohey1226 No heaviness when logging in, but when one single table in Adalo has 6K+ records, I think the editor might be quite sluggish. Especially when you want to view the data in the table in the editor.

I think sometime down the road, Adalo might have a separate page or something for database management, because loading thousands of records without pagination just puts extra stress on the client side (the computers of the editors) as well as their servers to display the records.

This will be possible when we release the Adalo API.

Thanks for the info. It’s good to know. Until Adalo side updates the UI, we try not to use UI then :S

Hi Colin, thank you for your comment. May I know when it will be ready? Do you have timeline for it?

We don’t have a timeline for it yet. The closest I can give you is within the next 3 months.

okay, noted. thanks :pray:

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