Error Message using stripe marketplace component

Hi everyone, I made a booking marketplace app so I want to use the stripe marketplace component, like the service provider (sport coach) will be paid directly by the clients and I will received a percentage of fee.

I’ve connected stripe and adalo, I put a Stripe ID to the merchant, but when i try to pay in test mode as the final client I got this message (for testing I used my client ID):

“Can only apply an application_fee_amout when the PaymentIntent is attempting a direct payment (using an OAuth key or Stripe-Account header) or destination payment (using transfert_data(destination)”.

I Don’t understand how to resolve it without use integration (I will upgrade my app, later in a second version). May i use API call or a link payment with creating product stripe? Btw do you think they are a better way to use marketplace payment ? I find the way to connect a bit long for the business.

Many thanks for your times and help.


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