Striped marketplace component does not work

Someone from Adalo’s team has some forecast of when you’re going to fix the Stripe marketplace problem. I tried to make the actual payment in my application using the marketplace, I even created a second account on Stripe to test the marketplace, but it doesn’t work at all, the message “an unknown error occurred” always appears I thought for a moment that it was my card that it didn’t work, then I left the stripe account ID part empty and the payment was successful, so I saw that the problem is actually on the Adalo platform. I saw some previous topics that this problem was already discussed in the last year and until today you have not solved it. My deadline is short to finish my app and this payment issue is preventing me from finishing my app. Please when are you going to resolve this?

Hi Alex,

Please submit a support ticket. Make sure to fill it in with as much details possible.

Hi. I’ve already sent this to support, I’m waiting for your response.

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