European Datacenter?

As far as I have been able to understand, Adalo does not yet offer datacenters in Europe? For my fellow Europeans: Is it possible to use Adalo and collect personal data? If so, how have you solved this issue?

Hey, that is correct. No Data Centre in Europe yet. Your only and main option is to use Xano External Users and set to Europe.

And How it is the performance better or worse compared to adalo’s DB

Hey, @theadaloguy would know better on the specifics. Nathan, do you want to comment on what you think?

Xano performance is good, better if you need to run lots of back end logic

Ok good, if I switch to Xano it is possible to import all the structure and data from Adalo?

You can’t import it no. You need to set up external collections. Might be quite a lot of work if you never used it before.

Thanks for the tip. I am currently building my app, and are about halfway done. I have no experience with Xano. Do you recommend me to complete the app first? Or start getting in to Xano, and implementing it in my app as soon as possible?

In terms of how to launch an MVP efficiently, stick to Adalo database if it works.

It will take you some time to learn and switch to Xano.

I don’t think I can launch anything legally if user data is sent to the US? So I think I have to connect to Xano before launching?
And one thought; there are strict regulation here in the EU regarding sending user data to the US. If I choose to deploy with Xano, then no user data is sent to the US? Only some token or something like that?
And lastly; I want to create both a mobile app, and a web app using the same database. Is this not possible with Xano? Btw when I create a new app, the selection for External users is grayed out, and says “coming soon”. It’s not ready yet?

Hi @Eccles ,
I use both Adalo DB and XANO (I go heavy on XANO though).

My personal opinion, specially if
All depends on where your company/app is located, if your app is purely based in US and you have some customers coming from EU, usually there is no real enforcement (For now, just extreme cases) of the EU laws in the US, this because you are not physically present. There are companies running like this. One day probably US/EU will enforce much hard, specially for big companies, but cannot see the US saying to EU, sure, let’s get you some money just because, but you also anyway get a first warning. The issue is when someone also asks you do not for example store your data in Mixpanel and you continue to do it, that is a clear breach then. Last point I forgot, is uploading the app in Google/Apple (They have presence in EU, this is where you need to check Google/Apple Requirements and where you probably get nailed down). Also selling the data to external parties without further consent, this all needs a tick box. Check TripAdvisor Cookies and the companies they work with, it’s insane.

I work for an Ecommerce company developing systems, and we had to find ways to delete customer data but keeping the historical data for Forecast/Sales purpose whilst loosing the Marketing, but we do see very limited users asking to delete data or which data is being stored.

In any case, if you are 50% done, it’s depends on your app complexity. I would still finish in Adalo and get some traction, to see how app gains momentum and meanwhile learn XANO. Also XANO has a free plan with 10K rows, but limited to US Server, so for Europe you would need to invest some $$$.

In any case whether you launch in US or EU, you need to be GDRP compliant, so use a good GDPR disclaimer and make sure you get the proper tools for your customers to know where data is used and stored and give the option is opting out (No Mixpanel, no selling data to Google, etc).
If you fail, EU will give you a first warning, the 2nd is paid :stuck_out_tongue: .

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Very much agree with @JL_LJ

Also the external users option may be grayed out right now because they are doing a big revamp of the system right now. I don’t have any details really but I’m excited to find out what it is.

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I watched the video from the latest town hall, and it seems that it is going to be a bit easier to intergrate external users?
Last question; I want to have a web app, and a mobile app that shares database. Is this doable with xano? And is it possible to intergrate it later? Since it`s not possible to select External users as of now?

Yes that it possible absolutely. You could even have app Adalo, web app on something else. Also I just watched townhall - the direct Xano integration looks really good and would make this much easier.