Every Adalo app I've tried says "Not available in your country" (Canada) is that just bad luck?

Is that something that’s set on Google’s side I guess?

Just want to make sure my app is eventually going to work in my country and all… :slight_smile:

Oh one more question… If I eventually custom coded a native app to replace my Adalo app, would I need to release it as a whole new application? ie: is the app/store “bound” to Adalo somehow?

Hey @parasocks, I’m pretty sure it’s bad luck. Because when an app developer submits a build to Google Play Store or iOS App Store, they’ll be prompted to make it available in selected countries.

Some apps are geography sensitive, maybe that’s why. You can try searching “Peculiar Yogi” (that’s our app) on Google Play Store, or go to the direct link here.

You should be able to download it and try it out.

The app is not bound to Adalo, Adalo just helps you with the generation of an app build that is then uploaded to the respective app stores.

If you do intend to custom code your own native app, you’ll just have to do it in a language that’s accepted by Google or Apple (eg. Swift, Java, React Native, Flutter, etc.), then upload it as a new version to the app stores.

Good luck!

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Thanks so much!! Nice looking app, it’s really well done thanks for sharing it.

I was able to get it installed without issue, so that makes me feel better. :slight_smile:

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