Expandable Button Action

Does anyone know if creating something like this is possible within Adalo?


Yes check out this Link

You can clone the app and copy and paste the components over to your app.

YES!!! Thank you so much!

I cloned the app but when i go to preview it and click the button to expand, it opens and only shows for a second. Do i need to change something?

Can you share screenshots of how your database and actions are set up for this?

I haven’t set it up in my app yet. Just messing around in the cloned version of the app to see how everything is set up and that is where it is happening

Oh gotcha!

I haven’t messed around with app in particular for a while. So I’m just going to assume is a bug with the app itself.

But… I know this is possible because I have this type of thing all over in my app. I’ve even gone as far as implanting this into lists and forms when creating or updating records.

Id be happy to assist in getting those set up if you were to need it

So i did manage to get the button into my app with the ability to open and close it. Is there a way that when you close it, the status changes/updates the user? Right now I when I open and then close the button, when i exit the screen its on and open that screen back up it is already open? Im sure i have something configured wrong. Would you mind taking a look at it?

Do you have true/false property in the user collection?

If so… before you link the user to this screen do an update user action and set the fields to be false keeping the menus closed every time they go the screen.

I hope this helps

Add this email (jacoblange@lamusix.com) as a team member and give me access to the app then I can go look!

Just sent you an invitation.

I do have the true/false property in the user collection for each “button”

Okay going take a look now!

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