"Refresh" app when a button is clicked

Hi there!

I have an app with a big button and a counter that goes up each time this button is clicked.

The button itself changes randomly for each visitor.

After a user clicks the button, I want the app to “refresh” (as if the user did CTRL+R in their browser) so that a new random button will appear.

I don’t want to link to an external website with my Adalo app address as the link since it will create a buffer (loading time). Should I create a new duplicate screen of some sort (if so, what should happen after clicking the button in the new screen)? What’s the best hack for this?


Hi @TomBlue ,

There is an advanced option in custom list.

We can use it in combination with 1 record collection and show a component such as button.

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Thanks! Unfortunately I can’t manage to get it to work :frowning:
The current action is to “update” the counter field in the database. What should I do to make an auto-refresh after the click? I don’t want to add new records to my list…

You could link to a new duplicate screen with transition “none”. And then have the other screen link back to the first if you need to refresh again.

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