Export to excel

can i config button that let user to export report from app to excel?

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@moshe212 are you trying to export a collection csv to excel? or you are trying to export a file from the database to excel?

  1. If you are trying to export a collection (from Adalo) as CSV, you might check out Zapier but you will need an API integration with this.

  2. If you are trying to export a file which is like downloadable from the app then you will need to get that URL when you preview your app in PWA(progressive web apps) mode. Then hyperlink the data values (path of that specific file) into the button to trigger the download. This file links when in PWA mode doesn’t change at all.

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i want let the user export Filtered list from the app. can i?

@moshe212 Allowing your users to download/export this is not available at this point.

Is this possible now with the API?

Technically, yes. You would just need to map out the data to rows and columns.

Is there a guide on how to do this exactly? I’ve been trying to build it by using a custom action and sending the payload as JSON to a Zapier Webhook that will send the data to EasyCSV (https://www.easycsv.io/). I can get the Zapier webhook to catch the hook successfully but I’m still having issues getting the data into EasyCSV.

Any ideas?

Unfortunately we do not have any resources yet to help on this specific task.

I will add it to our to-do list for possible tutorials.

Hi @anon78309838 - Any updates on this tutorial? Thank you!

Any Tutorial ?

I need to export to excel a collection using some screen filters by pressing a button.

Any Help ?

You can do it with Integromat :wink:
Scenario :
Trigger webhooks on your button —->search records—->csv module—->stock on dropbox / or drive—-> download—-> custom webhooks response with short url :wink: enjoy

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Tomorrow i will post some screenshot

I can build this for you more affordable than Integromat and no limit.

Hello …

How ?


Hello, did you get a chance to get this done?


can you elaborate? Integromat is now called Make.