Exporting Reports

Hi everyone,

I have a questionnaire app that’s creating a user specific report with their results. I need a way to export that report (graph + summary) for each user.

Does anyone have a way to do this? I’d imagine it’s possible with Zapier, but not sure how to pass the graph data through without recreating it?


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This is a very interesting question. I can’t answer at the moment, but would be very curious to know if this is possible. Keep me posted!

Hey Erik,

If you’re wanting to send the report through email you can use something like Quickchart.io to create the chart with data from Adalo, then embed that URL in the email as an image source. As for the report, that’s a little more difficult, but you could generate a templated report from data in Adalo using Formstack or Eledo combined with Integromat or Zapier and then attach the PDF to the email.

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Thanks for this! We’ll try the quickchart.io move and let you know how it works!

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