External API not giving results wanted

To start, I am very new to Adalo. I am currently trying to set up an external database collection. Although, I am running into a problem with the returned results.

Here is an explanation of what is going on.

Here is what URL I am trying to access. I want to take the user’s card name, which is in a different collection and use it for the API. All is fine here.

The problem occurs when trying to pass the tests. Adalo requires me to use the data key to get returned results.

That returns this. I want the names in the data but when I save the collection, I have no data points.

I have tried to put the collection in a list and use the count of the collection to iterate through the list of names in the “data” result key but to no avail. Any idea what is going on?
The list returns no items^

So when you make the list it doesn’t populate at all?

Exactly. I think it has something to do with my API not naming the values. If you see the data response, it is just the value, no key.

It could be. Does the list not give even one result?

Yeah, I have the setting set up that shows a title if no data was found for the list. That title is showing up, so no results.

Is there no auth with this api? I will try something when I get home

Yep no auth. For input, try one of these: Island, Lightning, Goblin.

Ok so that was a bit of a nightmare. I had to do the API call in Xano, and then structure it as an array of objects, so it looks like this:

I then set up my Xano endpoint as external collection.

So I believe your option here might be to use something like Xano or Integromat to restructure the data before passing to Adalo.

Note - like you suggested, I had to add a key of ‘name’ to each result.

Thanks for the suggestions! This is a massive problem though. Could this be made aware of? I have other endpoints that have similar problems :((

The team are definitely aware of it, I made a post a long time ago about similar difficulties with the YouTube API.

I haven’t heard of any proposed improvements to this, so might be best to figure a solution like suggested. It’s a pain for sure but will get the job done.

Hey Nathan, do you mind sharing how you added the custom keys in Xano? Like how did you add “name”: data[0] to each data element? Or could you actually share your Xano snippet?

Hi Brad, here’s the snippet of what I made: