External API request fail


I am working on my job board and I got API access from one big company in my country so I could use API to show their open jobs on my app.

So they gave me test user and when they are happy the out come they will give me full user what to use. I just can’t figure out what I should put on the “Get All” result key option. Because now it fails everytime.

EDIT: I have already tried “responseHeader” and “response” as result key but no success.

Hey @roope257

It looks like you may need to use “response” and “docs” as results keys, in that order. The array of records is under the “docs” child key.

Let us know is that helps!


Thanks I wll try that out!

Works like a charm! :slight_smile:

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Ahh perfect! For a tip for the future, cause I know that this can be a bit confusing with all of the different APIs, and no one size fits all solution.

External Collections are intended to load a list of records returned in an API response. in order for that to work, those records need to be in an array. An array sits between square brackets [array]. So you need to use the results key and sub child keys to get to that[array] list of data you are looking to use in your app. Sometimes there are multiple arrays, or child keys that are arrays in the array. You will need to find the correct one for your use.

Here is a break down of your APIs response screenshot, and how I identified those keys! I hope this helps you and anyone else that may be frustrated setting up the External Collection GET ALL requests.


Thanks for clearing things up! Now it’s easier on future to understand. :slight_smile: This is my first time working on APIs.

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