External collection from a Shopify store blog


I’m trying to sync a the blog section of a Shopify store and a Adalo mobile app

I created external collection thanks to the Shopify api. The summary of my blog articles is displayed correctly but the html tags are displayed in the body of the text.

Somebody can help me ?

Thanks a lot


Try the html renderer component from the marketplace. I’ve done this using Wordpress blogs the same way.


How did you do for an article list with html renderer component?

Thanks a lo

I literally just put the rendered HTML into the HTML content of the HMTL renderer component.

This is the API call where the content resides:

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Thank you for your reply.
When I add HTML Renderer to the HTML Content, I don’t find the content renderer fields.


@Ando you need to make the component a list by clicking the three dots > make a list and connect the list to the Articles collection and then you can add current article > data in the component from magic text or you need to come from a screen > list that connected to the Articles collection.


Thank you for your help.
To filter articles by categories, do we need to add as many external collections?

From where do you get the categories?You would need a categories collection and then you can filter that by the article category.

The categories are on the wordpress database.

Ah ok. And then you have a column in the Articles database to store the category right?

Yes a column that refers to another database table

Ok then you can get the categories table from a external collection too and then you can add a drop-down on your screen and connect it to that collection and filter the articles list with that drop-down value. But I’m not sure how to add filters for WordPress data. ( just found these : Frequently Asked Questions | REST API Handbook | WordPress Developer Resources , Plugin API/Filter Reference « WordPress Codex )

I saw some posts that Flawless ( @Flawless ) used WordPress with Adalo and maybe he can help here? :slightly_smiling_face:

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