Spent 15+ hours, need help! List within a list using external collections?

Hi, has anyone been able to make a list within a list using external collections? I’ve seen that it is possible to do so using Adalo’s database ( Lists of Lists - Adalo Resources), but I’m trying to use a list from Airtable.

Here’s what I do and where I get stuck

  1. I make a list of Tasks

  2. I add a “text input” field and name it Category title and place it above the Tasks list

  3. I select the Tasks list and the Category title title and make another list. This time the list is for Category

  4. I use magic text to make the “Category title” pull off the existing name of the Category. I then go to the “Tasks list” and set a filter parameter using filterByFormula, and set the filter so that the tasks are only from the current category (i.e. {Category}=‘Category title input field’)

The last step is where I get stuck. For some reason, it displays the Category title into the text input field above each Task list just fine, but the tasks themselves are not filtered according to that input field. I checked the Task list’s filtering formula many times, it’s OK. When I change the filter to manually show a category (e.g. {Category} = ‘High priority’}) then it displays the list just fine, but the caveat being it repeats this same high-priority list under all the category types, which is incorrect.

Maybe this is not possible, but I really need to know.

Help from anyone, or telling me that it’s not possible right now, would be extremely helpful. I’ve spent over 16 hours on this problem alone :frowning:

having the same issue - not with Airtable but other BE provider.
it seems that when I input the parameters from the previous list as a filter (current x) it does not filter the list accordingly (also tested it your way with hard coded data and it all seems fine)
I will try to populate temporary table in adalo and delete data post display - no other ideas :frowning:

I asked support, and got a reply from them: This is a known limitation currently. We have a card open with our dev team to work on solving for this use case with external collections, but I don’t have a great timeline for this at the moment. I have added you to the card so we can update you once this has been solved!

I’ll keep you posted if there’s any update.

have the same issue:(

Hi @AddyEdwin , could you tell us if this issue/bug/fail/limitation/restriction/error was solved by support team?

Many thanks in advance for sharing with us the feedback you could have received.

@Lukasz & @Kostya , I also thank you very much if you have any clues to share with the comunity.