External collection only has text fields


Can anyone tell me why my external collection (which connects to a Backendless table) has all fields as text fields?

Should be this (Number type):

But all fields default to this (Text type):

When I try to change it to a number field it goes back to type text.

My DB schema has rent as a double type (can be integer). However, when Adalo sends the update request via the external collection to Backendless the update fails because it expects a number field and Adalo is sending a string.

Do all fields in external collections have to be text in Adalo? There is an option to change these field types but after changing them to say number it returns to type text. Am I doing something wrong when setting up my external collection to a backendless table? Or are all fields in an external collection also type text?

Appreciate any advice please.

Found the answer Adalo needs the table filled in with valid data - numbers and strings/text to determine what type each field in the table is.

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