Need help modifying an external Collection (API) data type

I successfully connected a couple of my Wordpress/Woocommerce API endpoints.

However Adalo seems to decide byt itself the type of property each data type should be.

I am stuck with the order total being saved as a text. Meaning i can not use it for calculations. I have tried editing and saving the property from texto to number and it does not take.

Here is an example of an order.

Any help would be appreciated.

Has anyone encountered this?

So far i have tried importing my data from the api using the actual api endpoint. through google sheets and then Adalo and from air-tables and then adalo. In each case i cant modify the data type.

The closest i been able to do is to have google sheets through a cronjob import data into a spreadhsheat from the api. then have zapier detecting any changes and then passing that data straight to adalo via its api and feeding an internal DB.

We do not currently have a forumla property. You can bring this field in but will not be able to create or update it.