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I connected my collection via WordPress Rest API but it’s showing only 10 records initially, I want to give an option of Load More & when user click on Load More the filter of external collection updates with +1 so every time they click on button Load More the lists will get change the content from page 1 to page 2 content or if possible to load new lists items as an addon.
So it will increment like this wordpressapi.com/w/v2/posts?page=1,2,3 & so on.

Here is documentation of WordPress Rest API to help (And yes why it’s not formatting the text for example apostrophe)

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Same issue, I am able to define the number of pages, but not a “Pagination/View More”.

I’m not certain on how to achieve that right now. But I did notice that the API allows you to specify posts per page, so why not just receive all items in a single call with /wp/v2/posts?per_page=1000 for example?

I did not test yet. but maybe an approach as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYM_8RA0JGo can be taken

With parameters as here: https://developer.wordpress.org/rest-api/using-the-rest-api/pagination/


@Colin WordPress only allows 1-100 records on one page & why the apostrophe & some HTML things are not sorted in Adalo text. See the screenshot below -


That is how Adalo is receiving the info. There is probably a setting in wordpress api to set the content to be plain, not html.

I’m not able to dive deep in to the wordpress api specifically as it’s a rather large api with a lot of documentation to go through. Your questions about their api may make more sense to post on their forum.

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