External Collection Pagination

Hi Everyone - I have added an external connection to my Knack Database. I’ve managed to get the external connection loaded however the API from Knack paginates the records from the GET request. How do I set up pagination of the records so all of them are accessible to my Adalo app?

First off - welcome!

Secondly, the Knack API provide a query parameter for this which should be passed in the filters of the list. you can make the value of the query parameter dynamic by changing an invisible input or a record in the database with a button. So when you tap the “Next Page” button, it will update the query parameter in the list filter with that number value. If you have less than 1000 records though, you don’t need the page parameter, you can just use the rows_per_page parameter and set the value of it to 1000.

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Wow, incredible! Thank you for the help on this that’s fantastic. After digging into this, I probably won’t ever need to query more than 1,000 records for logged in users so I’ll just use that parameter as you’ve suggested.

In order to make that possible, I am trying to pass in a query parameter to the external collection of Knack Records to filter a list component by a given criteria. I’ve tested the following parameter in Postman and it works, however maybe I’m not understanding how to use Adalo queries correctly because this is not displaying anything in the app preview: image

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I’m having issues with pagination using the Airtable API. I’ve tried support but been redirected here.

I have 6000 rows in an Airtable Database and I need to search it for a user’s email address and return only the results where the email in the database matches the user’s email in Adalo.

I cannot understand how to search through the pages using an Adalo list. I know the API limits pages to 100 results but how do I cycle through these pages when filtering in Adalo?