External collection

i have a collection of lists and users. I would like for users to create lists and within these lists add books to the list based off of the google book external collection I have. How do i do this? I tired to make a relationships between list and users and It doesn’t allow me.

Hi @rfaienza,

You can add a record to the books collection with the created list in the previous screen.
In the books collection create a relationship with lists so a book can have one listing and a listing can many books. Also add some other properties to store the info of the book such as texts for title, desc; images for book image etc… Also create a number property for store the book id like book_id because it’s important.

Now you cannot use a checkbox here because the list is a external collection and you cannot connect relationships. So you have to add two icons which one is for create a record in the books collection and another one to delete.

For create icon add the create book action and make other icon which is for delete as a list and connect that to the books collection and filter current listing > books and add a custom filter that book_id > is equal to > current google book > id.

Let me know!