Relationships with external collections


I know relationships with external collections has been asked before, but I think this is different. If anyone has any ideas how to make this work in Adalo, I’d be interested!

I’m using an external API to call a list of Items. The API is read only and there are no queries allowed.

A user is presented with a list of the Items (via the API call) and then picks one. There is an Adalo collection called “Events” with an “Item” field and once an Item is selected by a user, the “Item” is updated in an Events record so I associate Items with Events (make sense?)

NOW, what I want is that once an Item is selected and recorded in an Events record, I don’t want that Item to appear again in the list of Items, for any user. Because I can’t associate Items with Events, and I can’t do custom queries, I obviously can’t create any filters on the Items list displayed.

Anyone think of a way to conditionally show a list of Items from an external collection with no query parameters? I assume it can’t be done, but thought I’d check with the brainiacs here.

(EDIT: I solved this using Integromat, but still would be great to get it working natively)

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