External Collections: Anybody connect to ActiveCampaign successfully?

Has anyone successfully registered ActiveCampaign as an external collection within Adalo and been able to query it? Would be very useful for us and seems doable from what I can tell. I’ve attempted registering the base API URL and passing our API key as a query param key = #theAPIKey# but no luck. Getting this very unhelpful error text.

Curious if anyone has done it successfully and if so how you passed the API key to AC to authenticate…

Why not use Zapier to solve this?

I make extensive use of Zapier in other ways but can you elaborate on how you would see that working?

I’m seeking to keep AC as our CRM and have it remain the authoritative repository of our key stakeholders but have our Adalo app have a window into that with the ability to display stakeholder details in our app and ideally not replicate data in two places.

are you still thinking Zapier and if so how would you propose using Zapier to accomplish that?